Twitter has recently introduced Twitter Ticketed SpacesPerezTechCrunch allowing creators to give their followers an enhanced experience. They now have the ability to offer audio podcasts as well as AMAs as well as training classes. This feature allows you to charge users for the access you grant to your material. To become a member of it, you need to have at least 10,000 followers and at least 25 tweets over the last 30 days. It's available right now for iOS users and will be accessible to Android users in the next few weeks.

New Features for Content Creators

Twitter Ticketed SpacesPerezTechCrunch has launched new features for content creators in addition to advertising: Ticketed Spaces and Super Follows. The features allow content creators to charge a set amount to users to access their content. This option is only available to users within the United States and creators must be older than 18 and must have at least 10,000 followers. They also must have posted a minimum of 25 tweets in the past 30 days.

The Company’s Analyst Day Celebration

Super Followings allows you to subscribe and receive tweets from specific users. You must have at most 10,000 followers and have published at least 25 tweets in the last 30 days.

IOS Users

Currently, the Super Follows feature is only available to iOS users. However, it will soon be available to Android users. Members can sell tickets starting at $1-$999.

Super Followings is available to iOS users and will launch to Android users in the coming weeks. Subscribers pay $2.99 per month and get access to Super Follows' content via their feeds.

Part of the Test Group

Twitter Ticketed SpacesPerezTechCrunch is readying a new feature that will let users with over 600 followers sell tickets to events hosted by other users. The new feature will allow participants to offer tickets to their Spaces and earn money from this process. In the beginning, users from the US can manage Spaces within a testing group. If you're interested in joining and would like to apply to be included.

With Twitter Ticketed SpacesPerezTechCrunch, creators can charge up to $999 per audio experience, and limit the number of attendees. The creator takes 90% of the money while Twitter takes the remainder. If the total revenue is more than $50, Twitter is entitled to a 20% portion. At present, only a handful of users can take part however if you'd like to test it you can sign up for an account.

Live Training Session

The new service will allow creators to personalize viewers' experiences by adding features. Users must have at least 10,000 followers and post at most 25 tweets within the last 30 days.

Twitter made Spaces ticketed accessible to iOS users. Currently, it is only available for iOS users within the US. But, broadcasters who use Android will have access to the app.


It's the Twitter Ticketed Spaces function, which allows participants to bill their followers for exclusive events. Tickets can be offered to your followers for between $1-999. You can cancel Space and request a refund via the App Store or the Play Store.

Twitter Ticketed spaces are still in beta. However, anyone can apply. This feature is currently only available for iOS users. But, it will start rolling out to Android users over time.

Lifetime earnings

To be eligible for Ticketed Spaces, you must meet some criteria. Once fees from Apple and Google have been removed, you will be eligible to receive up to 97 percent of ticket sales. Also, you can make at least $50,000 in total earnings.

Android Broadcasters

Twitter first offered Spaces with tickets to select iOS users in August.

Twitter Ticketed Spaces is a way to make money from audio and video experiences in Twitter Spaces. Once you have prepared, you can charge guests for your event.